Shaw’s legacy

First posted on FB 08/06/2019

I’ve been musing while checking my proofs, on BD Shaw’s legacy. Demonstration lecturing is in the ascendancy, and accessible to all of us at events and science festivals around the country. Nottingham continues its tradition, with YouTube legend Sir Martyn Poliakoff demonstrating at its Wonder Festival next Saturday, June 15th.

We in Cambridge are treated to Dr Peter Wothers (of RI Christmas Lecture fame) at the Cambridge Science Festival every March. There are many more talented people around the country following BD Shaw’s ethos of not simply wowing us with flashes and bangs, but using each and every demonstration to illustrate a point of science.

Here is an exploding balloon pic I’m rather proud of – illustrating the flammability of hydrogen gas and taken at Peter Wothers’ lecture earlier this year. And a link to Nottingham’s upcoming event.

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